Dec 31, 2010

SeSi MeLaLaK & PeRLePaKaN

(Dress+Pants+Belt : Cats Whiskers) , (Wedges:Vincci), (Bag:Charles&Keith), (Cardie : Comma), (Shawl:Mak Kasi..hehe)
It's not a real party ..juz a normal hang out that we did last night...A karaoke session @ The Summit with my besties Zalli,Eza,Angah,Hani and of course Mr Kudud.Wouldn't it be nice if Ehsan and Elly can join us last nite..totally enjoyable!!!Should start at 11 pm but all rooms were fully booked until 11.30...Haha..actually Im not really good in singing but Mr Kudud is the worst!!! He cant even sing a simple song indeed!!

Frankly speaking I've been at home for almost a week and gaining pretty much weight...huhu..but who cares coz i got nothing to worry anymore..My kenduri done already..yeay!!All i want to do is eat need lotsa entertaiment!!

Last nite all we did was dancing,laughing and singing for 2 hours non-stop...Guys we should do it next time!!! weekly!! (kalau ade duit..hik hik)
Muka gedik di situ
From right : Me, Eza, and Hani
Angah cuba posing ala model di situ.Model ke??

From left: Zalli,Eza, Hani, and Angah
Gilo ko apo ni


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