Dec 14, 2010

Zang Toi Spring 2011 Collection - i wish i can get one of the dresses!!

Picture : Credit to

Inspiration : House of Toi spring 2011 collection draws a hint of inspiration from the Oscar-winning epic film, “Giant.” The collection showcases a line-up of the ruggedly handsome lone star cowboy looks, along with glamorous dresses and gowns as a Texas rose would have loved.(source : @  )

I really like the way Zang Toi plays with pale pink pink,white and black.Look at these collections below.Awesome right!! I love the flowerish ruffled pink cardigan...Kena pegi Great Eastern Mall ni..Hopefully ade ready-to-wear!!Last time pegi it was a few months ago when my hubby bought me a pair of diamante white heels for akad nikah and a red collared t-shirt (that was 1 year ago )

Picture Zaman Dolu-Dolu

Take a look @ the collections: 

i really loike this dress !!!

p/s : all pictures courtesy of


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