Jan 4, 2011

U Plavu Zoru

I just want to share with you guys my favourite song..been listening to it quite a few years now.I forgot @  dont know who actually introduced me to this beautiful charming song.First time listening to it,i was amused!! I do immersing myself in this orchestra music kinda thing..hehe.

'U plavu Zoru' in Croation or in English 'At Blue Dawn'..umphh...i actually dont know what does it mean until i found the translation in Internet .I dont want to be this song to be an overstatement because it depends to other people...Different people..different interest.Well..hope you guys feel free to listen and hope u guys will heart it as much as i do...

p/s: I couldnt find the original video clip of this song..this is the best that i could find due to limited time..hehe.BTW,this song is by Pink Martini (if you want to google it!!)

This is the lyric and its translation :

U plavu zoru

Tiha noc
Sjene su u bijegu
Ja cujem zvuk
Sta blize zove me
U plavu zoru
Sa svjetlom, tu
Na mojo vrata
Ti stizes
Naci ces
Praznu postelju moju
Dok vlak nosi
Me' daleko


At Blue Dawn

Silent night
shadows are in hiding
I hear a sound
that's calling me closer
At blue dawn
with a light, there
at my door
you're coming
You will find
my empty bed
while the train is taking
me far away


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