Jan 5, 2011

Will You Marry Me...Imran Izham??? (PART 1)

Owhh...cant believe its finally over...sigh.It was small and simple.I love my reception,make up and dress
though there were flaws here and there...especially hujan during evening....i felt pity for some of my friends didnt have the chance to take photos with us.Lucky the door gifts was enough!!It was raining heavily that time and i couldnt help it if most of the guests and hosts kelam kabut a bit especially abah..hehe..I think the wedding was worth it..ye laa...wat preparation lagi 2 minggu nak kawin.Very last minute!!Thank You Guys For Coming!!

The Wedding Vendor:
Make up,Pelamin,Dresses : Koleksi Sri Nur,Manjung( Thanks To Abg Mie and the gang!!)
Diamante Heels : Zang Toi
Photographer : Boy (My Brother In Law...Thank a lot!!! )
The Food : Abah and The Parit Buntar's Team (Masak sendiri je )
Menu : Ayam Golek, Daging Masak Merah, Gulai Nenas + Ikan Masin, Ikan Talang Masin

Here's a sneak peek of my wedding photos..yang edited punya x siap lagi..when it's done,i'll upload to you guys later k!!


~..cik PriNCEss..~ said...

tema silver ekk..sgt cantikk..!!!~~ tuh wrna tema tok wedding sy t..hihi..

Liza Razak said...

@cik princess : Terima kasih...cantik kan warna silver ni..wedding awak nanti mesti lagi cantik

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